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Shredding of cardboard packaging

About 10 million tons of cardboard and cardboard for packaging are produced every year in Italy. It is one of the most advanced sectors in terms of material recovery: approx. 70% of paper products are mainly made from recycled paper.

A paper fiber can be reused about seven times until it is no longer useful for making paper or board.

Reasons to reduce volume with a cardboard shredder:

  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Optimal material compaction for loading existing compacting containers or balers
  • Shredding of material for transport by conveyor belts

The recycling of paper and cardboard is of great economic and ecological importance, as the more paper is recycled, the less freshly cut wood is required for the production of the paper.

Destroy cardboard packaging the easy way Lussemburgo Lussemburgo

Before compacting the carton into bales and then shredding it, it is more cost-effective to first reduce the volume of the material and shred it. This step to reduce volume is done in both recycling companies and clean spots or cardboard or corrugated packaging factories.

To meet these needs we have developed a line of special products with our carton shredders and they are available in different sizes. The design of the Klindex machines is also perfectly suited to the subsequent conveyor system on the production line.

Carton shredder has two independently driven shafts: a fast rotating shredder shaft and a slow rotating drive shaft. The drive shaft feeds the cardboard to the shredder shaft , which in turn shreds the cardboard to the desired size. The machine also processes fruit crates, polystyrene packaging and other types of packaging without any problems.

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In addition to the default configuration as a stand-alone machine with manual or belt loading, the carton shredder can also be assembled in combination with compacting containers. The cardboard shredder for fine crushing allows you to vacuum the material directly from the existing transport systems.

We take care of your goals. Apply our proven klindex technology to your cardboard shredding processes. In the references provided as an example you can see how well we are.

How do cardboard shredders behave in the presence of metal elements?

If it is small metal elements such as paper clips, etc., they do not affect anything. These small pieces are squeezed between the cutting elements without affecting the crushing. The presence of solid pieces or large foreign bodies, of any kind, in the cardboard must be avoided. The presence of larger metal parts could have serious consequences for the cutting unit and blades.

Therefore, the presence of any kind of foreign material should be avoided. The models is equipped with a module that includes an automation for reversing and disconnecting, and is integrated in the control unit of the crusher. This module protects the machine from damage of any kind in case of overload or presence of the aforementioned solid elements.

What are the advantages of a cardboard shredder and what is it for?

By working with machines of models, the entire intralogistic process of a company is optimized, in particular of logistics companies. Often bulky and very bulky packaging materials and casings frequently cause jams in the presses at the end of this type of waste treatment lines and always involve a greater workload and the need for new personnel. Selective pre-shredding of the material allows you to prevent these negative consequences. This means that with pre-crushing we increase the volume of pressed material by having smaller packaging material.

It is a reality that pre-shredding allows for better and easier removal of cardboard and packaging generated through handling systems, such as unloading conveyors.

Why is the klindex shredder different and what requirements must it meet in industrial use in Lussemburgo ?

Klindex shredders stand out for their robustness and reliability and, consequently, for their extremely long service life. These shredders often run 24 hours a day and are subjected to heavy workloads.

The ease of maintenance of the cardboard shredders, especially thanks to the low-maintenance chain drive and the individually bolted and replaceable transmission and shredding elements, translates into low operating and maintenance costs. also stands out for its versatility. It is available both as a shredder for packaging in horizontal and vertical version and with different cutting groups. In other words, it is used to process a wide variety of packaging types and sizes. The horizontal version is perfect for manual feeding and the vertical version for continuous feeding via handling systems, etc.

The carton shredder is available with cutting units in widths of 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 700mm and can achieve an average productivity of 15 cubic meters per hour for non-pre-processed material.

In addition to the different variants, different types of blades are also offered. They are in the form of running them. The drag behavior of the shredder can be individually optimized depending on the type of material and the shape of the packaging. Following the crushing, torn pieces of cardboard of different sizes and shapes are obtained.

These types of machines are also perfectly suited to the processing lines existing in the company and are fully integrated according to industry 4.0 standards , including all the automation part. is equipped in its standard version with an integrated automation equipped with an inversion and disconnection system.

Are there any special requirements for filling materials?

The shredded is capable of shredding all types of packaging, boxes and cardboard sheets. Avoid inserting metal objects.

How to choose the right shredder?

We inform you of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a good paper shredder. First of all, you need to know what use the shredder will be used for , be it personal, small office or office or high performance.

The paper shredder for personal use are designed to be used from 1 to 3 users , the paper shredder for office or office are suitable for use from 3 to 10 users, and departmental high performance are made for more than 10 users. and so on until you reach an industrial paper shredder.

Another very important aspect that we need to know when deciding when to buy a shredder is the level of safety they have.

Shredder safety

Regardless of whether it is private or professional, everyone must protect themselves from data misuse !

Cards or documents with sensitive information end up in the trash too quickly, just with personal data you have to be very careful and use a shredder correctly .

According to DIN 66399, there are 3 data protection classes and 7 security levels. The higher the level, the smaller the particles, therefore more protection.

By defining the data protection class, you are implicitly choosing a security level .

The higher the protection class and the security level, the greater the degree of destruction of the documents, we must look at the model we use, since perhaps a cheap shredder will not serve us for these specific cases, and if for other documents that we discard in our daily.

Class 2

It requires a high degree of protection to destroy confidential data. This protection class includes security levels 3, 4 and 5.

Class 3

It is the highest degree of protection need for particularly confidential and secret data. This protection class includes security levels 4, 5, 6 and 7.

What are the protection levels of an ideal shredder?

Level 1 : Generic printed material to be rendered illegible or invalid.

Level 2 : Internal documents to be made illegible or invalid .

Level 3 : Data carriers, with sensitive and confidential data, such as personal data that require a high degree of protection.

Level 4 : for particularly sensitive and confidential data, such as personal data that require a high degree of protection .

Level 5 : Data carriers with information that must be kept secret due to its importance for the existence of a person, company or structure.

Level 6 : Data carriers with documents to be kept secret and for which extraordinary security measures must be adopted .

Level 7 : For data that must be kept strictly secret and for which the strictest security measures must be adopted.

Functions of our shredders and shredders

Many of the paper shredders we sell on offer a number of features that will make your job much easier and faster. A great example is i

These models have an automatic feeder and there is no need to remove staples or staples.

They have a large capacity removable bin with sight glass , door open indicator. With all this information, benefits, solutions and facilities, don’t hesitate to have a paper shredder in your office, office or department.

In we have more than 5 different models, where you will find the shredder that best suits your needs.

Taking care of an office paper shredder

Among the main care that an office paper shredder must receive in order to function properly for a long time, the following stand out:

  • An industrial shredder must have periodic maintenance , carried out approximately every 6 months; even if in case of intensive and constant use, its maintenance must be carried out every 3 months.
  • It should also be said that among the maintenance care for shredders, the use of lubricating sheets stands out.
  • It is also essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the cutting capabilities of the machine, for example, the number of blades it can shred at one time, the material it can shred, and the appropriate rest time between each use.
  • Avoid shredding or shredding adhesive materials, such as post-its, masking tape, and envelopes , among others.
  • Avoid shredding wet documents, as having metal cutting systems could rust and be damaged.
  • Avoid spilling any type of liquid on them.

Prices of the document shredder in the province of Lussemburgo

In we have a whole catalog of options where you can find the ideal shredder, since we have machines of various capacities and functions , that is, we have manual shredders and also automatic shredders.

Furthermore, when it comes to prices, in our online store you can also find the most interesting ones , as we make sure to offer our customers a wide range of prices so that they can find the most appropriate one according to their budget.

So no matter what budget you have or what needs you want to cover, you can always find an inexpensive paper shredder when you visit us.

Shredders and shredders for paper and documents in Lussemburgo

Paper shredders, also called paper shredders, deal with office machines whose main purpose, as the name suggests, is to destroy or shred any confidential paper or document, turning them into thin pieces or strips so that the information in them is illegible.

Cardboard shredder and paper shredder in Lussemburgo

It must be said that when it is said paper it makes reference to any type of document , who for one reason or another must be destroyed, including, for example, credit cards, small metal parts (clips or staples) and cd, etc.

Do you want to know more about professional shredders in the province of Lussemburgo? Keep reading!

On you will find the right shredder or shredder , whether for regular use in the office, at home, in IT departments or for the professional shredder. offers paper shredders for every need, as they shred paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs into strips or particles .

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Where to buy an Lussemburgo shredder online

We at will help you choose the shredder that best suits your needs . We have a large assortment of online shredders, for any professional or personal environment.

Advantages of Tritacartone, paper shredders in Lussemburgo

When we talk about the advantages that the industrial shredders we have at can offer, we can start by talking about a very important aspect , especially in offices where many documents are managed, and it is precisely order and cleanliness that allow to get this kind of machines.

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Likewise, security is also one of the most common reasons people opt for the inexpensive paper shredders we have available in our online store.

And is that by taking a look at the options in our catalog, you will be able to discover the wide variety of alternatives available, one for every need, since not all offices require the same use in Lussemburgo.

Likewise, security stands out among its advantages , since it allows Lussemburgo companies that work with confidential documents to have the possibility of destroying them completely and thus avoiding them ending up in the wrong hands or reaching third parties who could use them improperly.

Finally, it should be remembered that the use of one of these machines allows companies and individuals to help with the care of the environment, which is a great advantage , since a large amount of paper is usually generated inside the offices and bets on destruction and recycling them, no doubt, are a great way to contribute a grain of sand to the protection of the planet.

Why is it important to use a paper shredder?

When working with important and confidential documents and papers or with personal data that you want to protect, shredders are presented as totally suitable tools for various reasons, which we will explain below.

To begin with, it must be said that shredders are indispensable machines within the office, since they offer the possibility of shredding and destroying any type of confidential stationery or office documents, etc., which must be discarded taking care to protect the information contained therein as much as possible.

In this way, shredders facilitate the process of shredding documents and at the same time ensure that the information will be completely illegible and cannot be reassembled.

Following the previous point, another reason why it is important to use one of these machines is to prevent confidential information from being stolen or disposed of improperly, and ending up in the hands of bad people.

Since using a shredder you are guaranteed to be able to prevent possible problems that, in the future, could negatively affect the company or the people whose data appeared in these documents in Lussemburgo.

Likewise, it is very advisable to use shredders because although they allow you to completely eliminate any evidence on documents that contain sensitive information, they also help to eliminate all types of documents that may be stored within the office and whose use it is no longer important or necessary.

Best cardboard shredder Lussemburgo

In the same way, by being able to eliminate all kinds of unnecessary documentation, it will be possible to keep the workplace much more orderly and clear, making room for those papers that are relevant and that must be used by hand during the working day.

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Last but not least, by using the shredders it is possible to fully comply with the standards established for the protection of data and personal information; and it also helps with the recycling process.

Within the office supplies sector, at we have managed to distinguish ourselves as an online store that offers solutions for every need , and when it comes to document destruction, it couldn’t be different.

Therefore, we can guarantee that within our collection of shredders you will be able to find the option that suits you best.